Can You Steam Clean Alloy Wheels? Idea’s Here

We’re all aware of how important a clean car really is, but the grease on the wheels is often overlooked when it comes to giving the wheels a good clean. But, the grease on your alloy wheels can be a bit of a problem if it goes un-noticed for too long.

If you’re someone that tends to leave the wheels at home when you go on a long drive, then this is probably all you need to know.

After being in the automotive industry for a number of years I’ve seen a LOT of alloy wheels. NOT ALLOWED was to steam clean too much, but that’s not because of any damage when you do it.

The wheel is manufactured to withstand a certain amount of temperature and pressure. In the wheel industry, it’s known as “type hardness.”

Too much steam can damage your alloy wheel

Have you heard the horror story about someone who has been sitting in their car while it has been steaming up the windows or roof? Well, that is a real thing.

We all love the sensation that a powerful warm blast of water from the shower or kettle can give, but for some people carefully using the right amount of steam can do damage to the metal of the alloy wheel or bodywork of their car.

Using steam tools can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to clean your alloy wheels, but there is a downside to this. If you work with too much steam, it can damage the wheel.

How to polish alloy wheels?

As with any domestic task, it is very important that you go about polishing your alloy wheels in the right manner so as to get the best results.

To do this, it is essential that you carry out the process correctly, understand the different techniques used and ensure that you are using the correct polish.

The wrong polish and technique can destroy the alloy wheels of your car, costing you money in the process, so it is important that you learn how to use a wheel polish correctly.

  • Dry the Alloy Wheels

The idea of applying polish to alloy wheels is a misconception that many people have about how it should be done. In order to keep your wheels looking good, you need to allow them to dry, followed by a finishing polish with a soft microfiber cloth.

Make sure that the wheels are dry before you polish them, to avoid the dust and dirt ruining the finish.

  • Apply an alloy wheel brightener

When it comes to cleaning alloy wheels, not all of us are fans of traditional soaps and water.

Most auto detailing professionals recommend that you use a special wheel cleaner designed to break down dirt and grime, which includes an abrasive agent. Others recommend using a wheel brush.

  • Apply an Alloy Polish of Choice

Although alloy wheels are the next big thing in the car world, they are also a piece of cake to clean. In fact, the slightest dab of a simple product will have your wheels shining like new- so simple that it doesn’t require a black-spot.

  • Apply a Finishing Polish

The final step is to apply a finishing polish to your alloy wheels. Do this by using a microfiber clothe.

You should apply a finishing polish to the surface of the wheels. This will make them look better and prevent them from rusting.

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