Can I Use Deionised Water In My Steam Cleaner? Read Here!

The key to maintaining the health of your mind is avoiding chemical substances that can cause stress. This includes things like alcohol, cigarettes, and other harmful chemicals.

In addition, the powerful steam produced by a steam cleaner can contain harmful chemicals. The importance of using deionised water for your steamer cannot be understated.

It is one of the key factors that will help you keep on top of your maintenance and will prevent damage to your steamer.

You will need to use de-ionised water to guarantee that you get the best possible results from your steamer.

If you have a steam cleaner, in this article will help you maintain your sanity and your health.

What is deionised water?

  • Deionised water is water that has been ionized by an ion-exchange system. This process removes the chemicals that can cause taste and odor issues.
  • The water is then rinsed with purified water to remove any other ionic contaminants. This process treats the water to remove any chemicals and contaminants that can cause taste or odor issues.
  • Deionised water is the most pure water available. Deionised water is often used as a cleaning agent. It is also used for scientific and research purposes and as a component of various other fluids.
  • Deionised water has become increasingly popular, most likely because of its origins in vacuum systems for clean rooms, but also because of its health benefits.
  • As the name suggests, deionised water is free of ions, which is why it is so important to use this water in all types of steam cleaning equipment.

How to make:

To make deionised water, water is passed through a deionisation column, which separates charged molecules from whole water molecules. Deionised water is created by passing the water through a membrane with an ion exchange resin.

When the water reaches the membrane, the cations can pass through, while the anions are retained. The pure water now passes through a second membrane to be collected.

 Benefits of using deionised water

Nowadays, water is used for agricultural purposes in the form of irrigation, and to generate power from steam turbines.

The technology has been around for a long time, but recently the deionisation process has been developed to eliminate the impurities in the water.

Due to its nature, deionised water is safe and hygienic, but it is also expensive, which makes it a rare commodity to find.

The most common benefits of deionised water are:

  • Deionised water, otherwise known as DI water is water that is free from any contaminants. This kind of water is used to make many different items, such as steam irons, water purifiers, and even medical devices. 
  • The main reason why DI water is used is that it is free of chlorine, and it is very important to have a correctly functioning boiler.
  • It is also important to have a water source that is free from contaminants and toxins, such as lead, chlorine and other chemicals.
  • This type of water is used in many industrial applications where it is important to remove all trace of minerals from the water supply. These applications include the food industry, pharmaceutical and medical industries, as well as research laboratories.

Can deionised water prevent damage to the steam cleaner?

Steam cleaners are extremely useful around the home, but they can also do a lot of damage if they are not used and maintained properly.

Why? In fact, they can even destroy your floors if they are not cleaned after each use. The key to keeping your floors clean and damage free is to ensure that you use the right cleaning solution.

That’s why there are often special cleaning products available to prevent damage, and why you should always use a steam cleaner in the correct way.

If you own a steam cleaner and have been using deionised water it is possible you have seen significant damage to your machine’s heating element.

This is due to the water’s pH levels being out of balance and affecting the device’s ability to generate the correct amount of heat needed to properly clean your home.

Deionised water can avoid chances of staining

In the world of home cleaning, the biggest fear that comes to mind when it comes to using a steamer is getting the dreaded water stains.

The theory that having regular water in the steamer will cause the material to stain is a bit of an urban myth.

Deionised water is basically pure water, and is very important to have in your home, especially for those who love food.

It can be used in pretty much any place where you want to prevent staining food, and it is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting gadgets, and for all the other work you have to do at home.

The process of deionisation is quite a simple one, and essentially involves a treatment with an ion-exchange resin that removes any ions in the raw water that may stain it and make it more difficult for the body to absorb.

The problem of using deionised water in a steam Iron

It is commonly thought that water in a deionised state has no impurities in it, but this is not always the case.

Deionising water is an expensive process that can be used to purify a water source, but the purification process can remove many minerals from the water.

When deionised water is used to clean a steam cleaner, it can result in a dirty, soiled steam cleaner that can only be cleaned with strong detergents and a spray cleaner.

The problem with using deionised water is that is has a very low boiling point, which means it will boil away very quickly when it comes into contact with heat.

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