H2O Steam Mop Reviews 2016 – 2017

H2O Steam Mop Review

H2O Steam Mop ReviewThe H2O Steam Mop (BUY NOW!) offers a variety of features that will make steam cleaning any surface effortless. Whether you choose to clean your surfaces on a daily basis or every couple of days, you can be sure the H2O Steam Mop will leave your surfaces smelling fresh. This product is one of the most versatile steam mops on the market thanks to its 5-in-1 products, and if you are looking for a steam mop that can handle just about any surface cleaning job, then you may want to consider adding this product to your Christmas wish list. Have a look at some of the features this product is able to provide:

  • Long Cord – This product comes with a very handy 6 metre cord so you can be sure you can concentrate on cleaning rather than changing plug sockets every two minutes. Of course, there comes a time when you will need an extension lead but this products lead will prevent you from needing one most of the time.
  • Easy to use – This H2O Steam Mop was built to be easy to use, and H2O have achieved that with this steam mop. Simply fill it with water, wait a short while for it to heat up and away you go. You won’t even need to worry about adding any chemicals to this product as the hot steam is more than enough.
  • Pivoting head – The handy pivoting head will make sure cleaning is even easier. You will be able to work around all furniture and other objects lying around thanks to this feature.
  • 400ml Water Tank – You won’t need to fill up the water tank every few minutes as once the generous 400ml capacity tank is filled up, you will be able to continuously use the steamer for around 25 minutes.
  • Versatile – This product is very versatile in the sense it can steam mop multiple surfaces such as hard floors and carpets. It also has many attachments that will allow it to clean windows and even children’s toys.
  • Carpet Glider – An easy carpet glider attachment is all it takes to change from cleaning hard surfaces to carpets. Simply attach the components and glide across the carpets to clean them and leave them smelling fresh.
  • 5-in-1 Functions – This handy versatile product comes with 5 functions in one so you will be able to steam clean hard surfaces, carpets, use it as a handheld product, clean windows, and even steam garments.
  • No chemicals – This product is brilliant for people who are allergic to certain chemicals and detergents as this product doesn’t use any at all. Its ability to heat up to formidable temperatures is all it needs to kill bacteria and keep the house fresh.
  • Lightweight – This product is one of the lightest steam mops available and only weighs 2.5kg – so you can be sure it is going to be easy to use and transport from room to room.
  • Kills 82-99% Bacteria – Thanks to this high heat steamer, it is able to kill between 82-99% of any bacteria it comes across, making it a top steamer for hygiene without the use of additional chemicals or detergents.
  • Multiple attachments – This steam mop from H2O comes with a wide range of attachments to help clean a variety of other surfaces around the house.
  • 30 second heat up – When compared with other steam mops on the market, this one is able to heat up very quickly. From plugging it in and filling it with water, it only takes 30 seconds to heat up.
  • Adjustable steam output – Depending on the surface you are looking to clean will depend on the overall steam output you need. This little product will allow you to adjust the steam output with ease to suit the applications needs.

In terms of price, this H2O Steam Mop sits in the mid-range market, but what it offers in terms of features and durability makes it a high-end product – so it represents excellent value for money when compared with other steam mops on the market. This particular steam mop is very feature-rich and offers a lot of features some of its competitors do not. If you are on the lookout for a good quality steam mop that is actually going to work, then you should consider buying the H2O Steam Mop because of its versatility.


Features: 5-in-1 Products – Long 6 Metre Cord – Pivoting Head – Lightweight – No Chemicals Needed

Pricing: Mid-Range


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