How To Cook Steam Fish With Soy Sauce?

Soy sauce is a widely used Asian condiment composed of soybeans, wheat and salt, and is typically served with rice and other dishes. In Japan, soy sauce is believed to be a health food.

Steam fish is a common Chinese delicacy that consists of steamed fish fillets, usually served in a steaming bowl of soy sauce, scallions, ginger, and sesame oil.

It is commonly eaten with rice or steamed rice, and is typically seasoned with soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil. Other ingredients used are sometimes minced garlic, in addition to fish sauce and sesame oil.


  • Remove the scale of the fish.
  • Now cover with a lid steam it for 30 minutes.
  • While steaming, you can prepare the soy sauce. And mix it with ginger. You can also add more spices and other ingredients mentioned above.
  • After 30 minutes of steaming, you may now transfer the steamed fish to your serving plate. And pour slowly the mixture of soy sauce all over it.

Benefits of eating steam fish

A quick search for “healthy foods” will show that the popularity of eating fish has skyrocketed in recent years. The health benefits of consuming foods that have been cooked at high temperatures have been widely discussed by celebrity chefs and nutritionists alike.

While you may be used to cooking fish with the conventional method, there are other ways to prepare them—and some are even healthier.

Steam fish, or fresh fish cooked in a closed environment, is one of the most popular food trends worldwide. It is a quick and healthy option and can be cooked in 5 different ways.

Not only is steam fish great for cooking, it has many other benefits too.

Steam fish is a relatively new food that’s been around for only a few years. They may not be for everyone, but the health benefits that steam fish can offer are too good to ignore.

They’re filled with protein and a lot of vitamins and minerals, and are also low in fat and calories.

What kind of fish is good for steaming?

Many people are concerned about fish being healthy, as there is a lot of conflicting information about it. Some species are high in fat and low in vitamins, while others are high in protein and fat.

If you are confused about what type of fish to buy, then this guide may help you make an informed decision. Although fish is regarded as a healthy food, there are some that you should avoid.

There is a wide variety of fish on the market, from flaky plaice to oily mackerel, but some are better for steaming than others. The main thing to look for is a fish with a firm, dense texture.

The flesh should not be watery and needlessly moist, and be firm enough to hold its shape when cooked. This helps to ensure that the dish steams efficiently, without becoming soggy.

Here some list:

  • Tilapia fish.

The tilapia (also known as the cichlid) is a deep-water fish that can be easily confused with the well-known Asian carp, although there is a significant difference between the two.

The tilapia has red, pink or blue spots with a black outline on the body and is usually native to the water bodies around the regions of Africa, Brazil, Central America, and South America.

The tilapia has been a popular fish on the dinner table for years. The fish is a freshwater species that inhabits tropical lakes and ponds.

It is not a particularly aggressive fish, but has a wide diet and will happily eat up to 90% of its body weight. This kind of fish is also common in the Philippines. Filipinos always has this as a main dish for lunch and dinner. 

  • Red snapper fish.

Red snapper, also known as rockfish, is a premium fish found in the Gulf of Mexico, and is a popular choice for those who want a gamey tasting fish. The red snapper’s meaty texture and healthy fats make it a great substitute for white fish.

They are also found in the western Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia to Brazil. Red drum are generally found in inshore waters, ranging from the bays to the ocean floor, and between depths of 10 and 200 m (33 and 656 ft).

Red snappers are migratory, with records of movements across the Atlantic Ocean and up into the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Hake fish.

The Hake is found in most parts of the world and is usually caught in the North Sea. It can be found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

Its a very important food fish that is very rich in protein and can be found in a variety of different dishes.

Hake are a type of fish, and is a member of the cod family. Hake are typically landed in large schools, and are a great way to get some albacore or sablefish in your diet if you are not able to catch them yourself.

Hake are also a great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which can help you have a healthy heart.

  • pollock fish.

Pollocks are a type of fish that are commonly eaten around the world, and are known for their mild taste and firm texture. They come in a variety of different colors, although most are yellow or white.

Pollocks are often sold on fish counters and seafood restaurants, and can be found in some supermarkets too.

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