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Miele ContourLine DG6100 Steam Oven Review

Miele Steam Oven Reviews 2015 - 2016The modern looking Miele ContourLine DG6100 Steam Oven (BUY NOW!) will cook your chosen ingredients to great effect. This steam oven not only looks great, but it also offers plenty of features that makes steam cooking easy. The Miele brand offers many steam ovens in their range so they know exactly what consumers want when it comes to quality steam ovens. This particular oven is very expensive, but what it provides in terms of features and ease of use makes it well worth the investment. You can be certain of a safe and easy experience when using this steam oven for your cooking requirements, whatever they may be.

Steam cooking is becoming much more popular today because not only is it very easy, but it also provides tastier meals that are also healthier to eat. This is all thanks to the steam technology used; it helps trap the nutrients and vitamins in so you will always eat the goodness that comes with every ingredient. If you are currently on the lookout for a new steam oven, have a look at this Miele ContourLine DG6100 Steam Oven and all of the features it is able to provide its consumers:

  • Reheat – The simple reheat feature will allow you to reheat already cooked meals that you have forgotten about.
  • Defrost – As with many steam ovens on the market, this one also comes with a handy defrost feature so you can defrost food as and when needed.
  • LED Timer – A simple LED timer will let you adjust the time to suit the cooking application.
  • Multiple Cooking Pre-sets – This steam oven comes with multiple pre-sets and cooking functions so you will always have a setting to suit the needs of the ingredients you are cooking.
  • Stainless Steel Design – This steam oven looks very modern thanks to its stainless steel design. It is already an expensive product, but its modern stainless steel design that is very easy to clean makes it look even more expensive than it is – so it’s great to show off to family and friends.
  • Easy to use – This product is very easy to use thanks to its variety of features. This product isn’t completely filled with pointless feature that makes things complicated, simply choose the settings needed and then wait for it to finish cooking.
  • Huge capacity – This steam oven is perfect for big meals for the whole family thanks to it being able to cater for up to 38 litres of food. The overall oven size isn’t too big either so you will always be able to fit it into a place that suits your needs.
  • Touch Control – The oven is fully touch controlled so you’ll not have to worry about turning knobs or pressing buttons to get the cooking process started. Simply touch the settings to suit your needs and away you go.
  • Glass door – The large glass pull down door will let you easily check over the food without having to pull it down and let the hot steam out of it. This is a handy feature so then you don’t waste energy every time you want to check on your food.
  • Cooling fan – Simple cooling fan technology is automatically initiated after you finish cooking so you can be sure the ovens temperature quickly drops after use, meaning you won’t have to worry about the oven once you are finished using it.
  • Interior Light – You will be presented with a bright interior light whilst cooking so you will easily be able to check on how the food is doing with ease.
  • Multiple Shelves – This oven comes with 3 different shelves so you will have plenty of space for multiple trays containing a variety of ingredients.
  • Multiple Functions – This Miele Steam Oven comes with a variety of cooking functions to help you cook certain food easier. This product is blessed to have up to 7 different cooking functions for you to take advantage of.

In terms of price it is definitely going to take deep pockets to own one of these modern looking stainless steel designed steam ovens – but what it provides in terms of features and ease of use makes this steam oven worth having in the kitchen. It will take a professional engineer to come in and implement the oven professionally, but once that is done you’ll not need to worry about anything else other than putting the ingredients in the over and waiting for it to cook.


Features: Cooling fan – Interior Light – Multiple Functions – Easy to use – Defrost – Reheat

Pricing: High-End


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